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Save 50% Off a 60 or 90-Minute Massage

What We're Offering

Like any well-oiled machine, our bodies need a little bit of TLC every now and then to keep from overheating and burning out. Keep your motor running strong courtesy of our exclusive offer from Cherry Creek Wellness Center

Our Special Offer:

Take 50% Off a 60 or 90-Minute Massage

All Cherry Creek Wellness Creek massage therapists have additional advanced training, certifications and clinical experience that set them apart from your average therapist. Our massage therapists are professionals who provide treatment in comfortable massage rooms that enhance the relaxing experience.

We offer the following modalities:

  • Swedish Massage – Soothing and relaxing
  • Deep-Tissue Massage – Eliminates trigger points for pain
  • Neuromuscular Therapy – Eases pain, improves muscles’ stretching ability
  • Myofacial Release – Improves muscle function and circulation
  • Pre and Post Natal Massage – Increases comfort before and after giving birth
  • Hot-Stone Massage – smooth river stones placed on the body for a calming, comforting effect
  • Manual Lymphatic Drainage – Helps drain fluid and reduce swelling in arms and legs

About us

At Cherry Creek Wellness Center, we pride ourselves on providing the highest-quality wellness and rehabilitation services available. With our coordinated approach to health and wellness, you will see results you never thought possible. Our experienced Denver physical therapists, Denver massage therapists, Pilates instructors and personal trainers give you individualized treatments and attention.

The Fine Print

  • Limit 1 per person.
  • May not be combined with any other offer.
  • *Applies to NEW Clients only
  • Some restrictions may apply

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Hours of Operation

Mon - Fri
7:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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