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Birthday Surprise—Drop Us Your Information for a Free Bowling Game

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    While bowling a perfect game may be one of the hardest goals in gaming to achieve, properly celebrating a birthday with fun and friends is so much simpler. Have a ball and leave us your big day for a big surprise!

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    About us

    The Big Apple Fun Center has 36 lanes of bowling. All 36 lanes have automatic bumpers that pop up when a child 12 years of age or younger name appears on the screen. The computer will trigger the bumpers to come up for the child's name. When it is the next bowler's turn who does not need bumpers, the bumpers will go back down. These automatic bumpers make it fun for the whole family to bowl together on one lane.

    Our lanes also have automatic scoring so the group can visit without having to add up the score. Who wants to do math when your trying to have fun. Okay, my accountant friends do. I will just turn the scorer off and they can keep score themselves.

    Big Apple Fun Center
    Phone: 308-234-4545

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