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    When it comes to birthdays, a party and presents will always be great but a little something extra will always serve as the frosting on the cake. Leave the big day in the box and we'll make sure the birthday boy or girl gets another gift on completely on us!

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    About us

    Imagine a place where you can scale ninja walls, challenge your family members to laser tag, get a high score in mini bowling, battle in bumper cars, win a prize in the arcade, and then get a delicious bite to eat when you’re all done. This place exists, and it’s right outside of Cleveland. At Make Believe Family Fun Center, we have activities and games for all ages, and we encourage everyone to hop in and join the adventures. There’s truly something for everyone here and, with so many things to do, you can have a new experience every time you visit. Bring your family and your friends: excitement awaits.

    Make Believe Family Fun Center
    Phone: 440-385-5500

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