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    From the classics to the contemporary games of today, the arcade is the best place to partake in some major arcade action—and win some major tickets. Sign up and hit the start button by joining the birthday club today!

    Our Sign-Up Special:

    • Grab a $10 Arcade Card for Just $5

    You will be amazed by the sights and sounds of the area’s largest arcade, with around 65 arcade games. Whether you are looking for exciting video games or want to play the hottest games for tickets, we have it all!

    Our large redemption center is packed with a wide variety of prizes ranging from candy to expensive electronics. So if you love the challenge of arcade games or just want to have fun with your friends, the Game Zone arcade is the place to be.

    About us

    The area's largest family fun center is open 7 days a week. Roller skating has limited hours, other attractions include Laser Tag, Bumper Cars, a 2 1/2 story play area, Mini-Bowling, Laser Frenzy & and the area's largest arcade.

    We operate a fleet of 20 go-karts outside, that are designed for most everyone and can reach speed of up to 22 mph.

    In the Spring of 2017 the New 18 hole Outback Mini - Golf opened! The course is designed with some fun features like a loop-de-loop, great times for the whole family! We have a full service restaurant and serve everything from homemade pizza to salads.

    Scottie's Fun Spot
    Phone: 217-222-3868

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