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    About us

    Rev’d Up Fun provides a one of a kind experience where guests can be happy, have fun, and make unforgettable memories with their family and friends!

    We started Rev’d Up Fun because we love family. Family means love, hope, memories, happiness, and fun—as our kids grew up, we found that vacations, birthday parties, and everyday life created priceless memories of happiness and joy, and as we continues to create new memories with our kids and grandkids, we find that nothing makes us happier than making them happy. This is the foundation of Rev’d Up Fun. Our grandkids’ faces lit up when we showed them videos of Automotive Alley, our Ballocity Play Unit, and our granddaughter would constantly ask, “Papa, are you going to get us the Bally Thing?” She was so captivated, we even caught her praying before bed; “God, please let Papa buy us the Bally Thing.” She turned to her mom and said, “He said yes!” That’s what started it all. We want to bring our grandkids happiness and joy through having fun and making memories with their family and friends. The goal of Rev’d Up Fun is to provide the same happiness and joy to kids, parents, families, and friends in our community!

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