This campaign finished on 04/29/2020.

Never let your cut or color go too long again! Pre-pay and Save

Starting from $175.00

What We're Offering

Lets face it, we all wish we would have touched up those roots and had a haircut pre-quarantine! 

Nothing feels quite  like a fresh haircut and style. Let’s face it, sometimes we just wait too long between trims and leave saying, “why didn’t I do this weeks ago, well we have a solution.  Our MAVENS' are Habitude regulars that are "in the know" and they are swooping up these deals like crazy!

Help the Habitude Team weather this closure and save with our MAVEN CUT AND COLOR SERIES SAVINGS 

Many of you have loved our Spa Service Series Program, it allows you to come in and use your credits on a whim without even grabbing your handbag, and we know you will love the same convenience for your haircuts and root touch-ups! Available at both our Fremont and Ballard locations. 

ESSENTIAL CUT AND COLOR SERIES -Buy three get one free
essential haircut
series of 4 only $42 each  
essential root touch series of 4 only $69 each  
(Essential Series with Stylist or Signature Level stylists only) 

ULTIMATE CUT AND COLOR SERIES -Buy three get one free
ultimate haircut series of 4 only $57 each
ultimate root touch series of 4 only $94 each
(Ultimate Series with Expert or Master Level stylists only)

Take advantage of this offer now and ALSO receive 10% off retail purchases whenever you use your series 

About us

Our mission at Habitude is simple: to love and amaze our customers and each other. We have been recognized repeatedly as one of America’s Top 200 Salons by Salon Today Magazine and Seattles Best Spa by Seattle Magazine. Our team of highly-trained service providers is dedicated to customizing a service just for you and our mission is for you to leave-loved and amazed. Our unique, warm “Northwest-y” urban rustic ambiance transports you to another place for an hour or a day.

The Fine Print

  • Valid Only Monday-Friday NEVER EXPIRES
  • May not be combined with any other offer.
  • Root Touch is roots only, not grown out more than one inch without upcharge. Not valid for midshaft or ends, bleach and tones or color corrections
  • Only valid with Stylist Level purchased, must pay full price no upgrades
  • Stylist pricing is subject to change. You of course can use your series but may need to pay a small upgrade if your stylist recieves a promotion
  • Anyone you choose can use your series! Great for families :)
  • We are only encouraging healthy, responsible use of this promotion. Please do not visit any merchant if you are sick, at risk, or have the possibility of being exposed to COVID-19.
  • This purchase is covered by the MyHownd Purchase Protection program.

Hours of Operation

Mon - Wed
9:00 AM - 8:00 PM
Thu - Sat
9:00 AM - 9:00 PM
9:00 AM - 8:00 PM

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