This campaign finished on 10/15/2020.

Is your Story Making you Sick? Special Screening at Lefty's Drive-In 10/15/20 7:00PM

What We're Offering

Is Your Story Making You Sick? 

is a breakthrough new documentary about an innovative approach to healing.

The film combines top experts in mental health, brave participants sharing their stories, and a revealing look at narrative therapy exercises and modalities.

Is our Story Making you Sick? shows how we can rewrite the stories we tell ourselves. The film intimately reveals individuals living with addiction, trauma, depression, and anxiety changing their stories and transcending their pain. Witness real-life stories of courage and resilience and learn the backstory from experts like Gabor Maté and Dan Siegel.

Movie Trailer

This film will be screened at Lefty's Drive-In Theater. Sound will be received on an FM frequency. Should you want to sit outside your car, please bring a portable FM Radio. 

Proceeds to benefit the Harry K Foundation. 

Offer expires on 10/15/2020

The Fine Print

  • Offer Expires 10/15/20
  • Limit 5 per person
  • Participants must comply with Lefty's COVID-19 policies

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