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What We're Offering

We understand the last minute hustle-and-bustle that comes when you're trying to get things done, so we're here to make it easy with a selection of our most popular massage and facial treatments! 

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Restorative Massage: our classic blend of swedish and deep tissue gives us a range of pressures and techniques to work with.

Full (55min): $90

Deluxe (85min): $135

Deep Tissue Massage: a more intense massage experience to release deep adhesions and over-worked muscles

Full (55min): $125

Deluxe (85min): $160

Hot Stone: heated riverbed stones are aligned along the body's major muscle groups and integrated directly into the massage itself to increase effectiveness and warm and relax the body.

Full (55min): $126

Deluxe (85min): $160

The Indigo Massage: the cornerstone of our philosophy, the Indigo is a blend of swedish and deep tissue techniques that integrates hot stones, energy work and custom aromatherapy to return you to a state of balance

75min: $150

Bali Flowers Facial Ritual: This is skin purity and vibrancy rolled seamlessly into one using the proven skin therapy properties of Balinese flowers. Includes cleanse, treatment mask and dietetics.


Five Flowers Illumiating Facial Ritual: An intensely brightening anti-aging ritual, bolstered by an infusion of the 5 Balinese godly flowers and a unique Dermapuncture┬« (acupuncture without needle) massage.


Unsure what to get? Buy a straight cash certificate that they can use on any treatment we offer!

Available in $100, $200 and $300 increments 

About us

With indigenous elements from around the world, Cote d'Azur offers a holistic healing with a primitive yet luxurious twist. The natural elements added to every treatment bring an organic distinction unique to Cote d'Azur with soothing aromatherapy, healing sounds and refreshing citrus-cucumber beverage served daily. Our aromatherapy treatments are custom blends designed for each client depending on their specific needs using the highest quality essential oils and carrier products. We continually research new modalities and ancient secrets to enhance the spa experience.

The Fine Print

  • Tips/ gratuity not included in price
  • Standard appointment / cancellation policy applies.
  • Non-Refundable

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Cote d'Azur (Old)
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