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Free IV Drip


    Curious about IV hydration? We want you to try it for FREE! Sign up to try our Free Basic IV Drip and schedule your appointment today!

    Remember, you can always upgrade to a custom IV drip, including the following: 

    • The Hangover (Partier) Drip(regular price $179)
    • Skin Health Drip(regular price $189)
    • Immune Shield Drip(regular price $199)
    • Slim Shape Fat Burner Drip (regular price $189)

    Whether you’re looking to recover from a long weekend, help boost your metabolism, keep your immunity up or keep your skin glowing, Vibrant Rejuvenation can help! 

    About us

    Natural Beauty

    Vibrant Rejuvenation is staffed by a team of professionals who are trained and certified to rejuvenate natural beauty. All treatments are safe and performed by Natasha Copelin, MSN, RN, NP, AGNP, founder of Vibrant Rejuvenation. Now those who want to improve and revitalize their appearances through non-surgical, non-invasive procedures can safely realize their dream through safe medical procedures. Copelin, started out as a Surgical Technologist 16 years ago, but quickly realized her calling to cater to the needs of others. She graduated from Adelphi University with a Masters of Science Degree in Adult Nurse Practitioner

    Natural Beauty Specialists

    Natasha Copelin began her journey towards providing safe, quality, effective, careful and natural non-invasive procedures through her work at independent medical practices as an operating room nurse where she assisted many notable plastic surgeons. She participated in more than one hundred plastic surgery operations including face lifts, breast augmentations, abdominoplasty and many more.

    Today, whether you are in need of a simple Botox procedure to help you look good for an occasion or whether you need a complete skin rejuvenation procedure, Natasha Copelin is there to help. Vibrant Rejuvenation goes to great lengths to provide comfort to our clients, and our unique professional skills, experience and expertise are performed to your total satisfaction with natural beauty results.

    Now you can have these safe and remarkable services in our facility or in the privacy of your home or office. Read about our services on the following pages, then contact Natasha Copelin at (631) 486-8566 for a professional natural beauty consultation.

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