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Indulgent Facial and Massage Packages from Cote d'Azur

Starting from $89.00

What We're Offering

Valentine's Season is Upon Us! Ahh, February, when we once again embark on our yearly quest for heart-shaped candies and the perfect tokens of our affection. And while the stress from those searches can easily be overwhelming, the calendar has blessed us all this year with a unique alignment: Feb 14th is on a Wednesday. What do you do for a Wednesday.? Race through traffic trying to squeeze in a romantic dinner on a work night? Of course not... so that means you have a choice of two weekends to treat them right! Before or after, nothing takes advantage of that time better than the personal attention and restorative treatments from Cote d'Azur. 

So to help you treat them right, we're offering our some of our most in-demand packages like our 60min Silk Massage, all-inclusive Indigo Massage and our popular Zhifu Jade facial with a magnificent herbal poultice massage that will have you looking years younger. Treat them now, or save them for later... after all, there's never a wrong time to say "I Love You" :-)

(And don't let them enjoy the relaxation alone: buy two and ask for our Couples Room!)

60-min Silk Massage with Hot Stones. 

Includes a Restorative Massage with our softening Silk Cream, Warm Healing Packs and Hot Stones. Reg $145 Now: $89

The Indigo Massage

This award-winning signature massage is 75-minutes of bodywork with hot stones, custom aromatherapy and energy balancing. It feels like magic, but is based on vibrational science. See why it is a customer favorite! Reg. $150 Now: $99

Zhifu Jade Anti-Aging Facial with Restorative Herbal Poultice Contour 

A wondrous full facial, cleanse & mask with an invigorating jade lymphatic treatment that will leave your skin refreshed, renewed and reinvigorated! Then a warm organic-botanical compress is used to soothe and nourish the facial muscles and eye area with a unique aromatherapy-acupressure scultping massage to relieve sinuses, reduce swelling, thin and detoxify. You'll look like you've had a face lift! The poultice is yours to take home and reuse (approx 1hr 30min) Reg. $190 Now: $119!

About Us

With indigenous elements from around the world, Cote d'Azur offers a holistic healing with a primitive yet luxurious twist. The natural elements added to every treatment bring an organic distinction unique to Cote d'Azur with soothing aromatherapy, healing sounds and refreshing citrus-cucumber beverage served daily. Our aromatherapy treatments are custom blends designed for each client depending on their specific needs using the highest quality essential oils and carrier products. We continually research new modalities and ancient secrets to enhance the spa experience.

The Fine Print

  • Limit 1 per person. May buy up to 3 as gifts.
  • Expires 6 months from purchase.
  • Black-out dates apply (Including Mother's Day weekend)
  • May not be combined with any other offer.
  • Taxes, tips, gratuities extra.
  • Standard appointment / cancellation policy applies.
  • Paid value does not expire.
  • Promotional value expires on date specified above.

Hours of Operation

Tue - Sun 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM

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