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It's the New Year & you’re another year older. That much is guaranteed. It is my most sincere wish that you are also wiser, healthier, stronger, and more loving ~ that you know yourself better!

Any gains you made in these areas should be considered significant.

According to the Greeks “Know Thyself” is the origin of wisdom. I like this in theory yet I think this has become increasingly difficult in our hyper-connected yet disengaged modern world.

The one area where I feel that this is glaring is in the world of nutrition. People know very little of how food affects them and often times they pay no attention to the many signals that their body sends them daily.

We are out there looking for the answers to what we “should be eating." We are looking for guidance from outside sources like government guidelines or the latest nutrition expertlebrity (made up word).

Yet all of this advice just comes down to other people's thoughts, experiences, and their opinions. We all have our biases and we tend to identify with our tribe, but those tribal beliefs and our biases may not be best for us - we are all so different.

We are human, obviously we’re human beings, but firstly we are animals, we are part of a natural world which follow the “laws of nature.”

Which brings me to a very fascinating thing that I have noticed. Animals tend to gorge themselves in the summer and fall, packing on some chub. In the winter, while remaining relatively inactive, they become leaner! Something else I started noticing too in my practice is that patients are most successful in “un-fatting” themselves in the winter and the least successful in the summer. Hmmm… is there wisdom in nature?

How can the dark days of winter become your lighter days of the year? How can this set you up to spring forth in the spring with energy?

Join Honest Training and me, Dr. Jerome Craig, this January to examine the the science of “un-fatting” in winter and customizing your diet to you. You are unique, as we all are, and we all process food differently depending on our health, our shape, our age, our gender, our heritage, our biochemical individuality. We're going to explore this concept to help you determine the matched diet for you where you are now.

Our 3rd Session in Building Better Bodies begins Jan 16th. Join us!

-Dr. Jerome Craig

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Honest Training is a Fitness studio that offers functional group training and personal training for any fitness level. Our classes and formats allows for lots of coaching, modifications to make the workouts feel individual.  We're proud to say that we focus on world class coaching, camaraderie, support, community, and friendship - not competition and intimidation.  

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